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Meet Bloom: Your all-in-one Web3 command centre

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Manage Assets

Securely manage your IOTA and Shimmer portfolios. Send assets across the entire ecosystem with Bloom.

Manage Assets
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Collect NFTS

Store and admire your collection in one place, with support for NFTs on IOTA, Shimmer and Shimmer EVM.

Collect NFTS
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Make decisions

Vote on governance proposals to participate in important IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem decisions.

Make decisions
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We're making Web3 accessible and enjoyable


Bloom is Secure

Your keys, your crypto

Bulletproof application architecture

Secure development lifecycle


Bloom is Open

Public development practices

Community-driven roadmap

Direct communication with team


Bloom is Trusted

Official IOTA Foundation spin-off

Audited by security professionals

Commitment to publish source code

Elevate your wallet experience

Profile management

Profile management

Split assets across multiple identities and logins.

dApp interactions

dApp interactions

Seamless connect with Web3 dApps using Wallet Connect.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets

Secure your assets with Ledger Nano devices.

Address book

Address book

Create contacts for repeat transactions.

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